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U.S. officials are closely monitoring whether vaccines against the coronavirus virus have been approved by WHO. Additional information regarding entry regulations will be made available later in today. Gail Smith from the U.S. State Department was the coordinator for global response to spread of coronavirus. This statement was made in response a question by TASS during a briefing.

The Washington Post reported in an earlier report that U.S. authorities may refuse to allow foreigners who have been immunized against the coronavirus using the Russian drug Sputnik V. The entry of such people into the country was scheduled for November. The requirements state that foreigners seeking to enter the U.S. should be vaccinated using approved drugs from the WHO or U.S. Authorities.

Smith said that a decision was made regarding vaccine requirements for entry into the United States. Smith also replied to a TASS question to confirm information cited by the newspaper. Smith also sought clarification on whether Sputnik V vaccinated people will be allowed to enter the United States following approval from the WHO. Smith stated, "That will commence in early November, so that we can make sure we have more information by then." When asked about the U.S.'s coronavirus vaccine evaluation, Smith stated that "I think WHO acceptance is a very important factor for me." "It's not just about evaluating any vaccine. It's also a method of scientifically determining the safety or efficacy of a vaccine. Smith said, "So I believe things like this are very important to all of us."