1. Display Retargeting: 2. Facebook: Base Code 3. Search: Base Code 80 million Americans still aren't vaccinated

Despite widespread access to vaccines, 80 million Americans still aren't vaccinated. The current epidemic has been caused by the Delta strain, which is causing approximately 160,000 cases of covid per day in the United States. President Joe Biden ordered mandatory vaccinations for federal employees.

As the more contagious strain delta, which has been regaining ground in the United States, has seen vaccination rates drop significantly, they have peaked in mid April. At the peak of winter, nearly 300,000 Americans were infected each day in the U.S., but that was at the end August, when it dropped to 200,000 - though there was a slight drop in September.

According to epidemiologists, the number of cases of covid is not enough to evaluate the situation. It is dependent on policy and how often testing has been done. Based on mortality statistics, it is evident that the situation is significantly better than December-February. In January, the daily number for new deaths at the peak was more than 4,000. The positive effects of vaccination are evident in this: A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Study (CDC) found that full vaccination reduces the chances of being hospitalized for COVID-19 nearly 30 times and the chance for becoming infected (including via an asymptomatic course) 5 times. A vigorous vaccination campaign was launched in the United States. Americans are allowed to receive three vaccines at no cost. But only half of the country is now fully vaccinated. Only 53 percent (63%) of Americans have received at minimum one dose. COVID-19 vaccines for children under 12 years old have not been approved in the United States. Delta strain results in an increase in hospitalizations in children, compared to other coronavirus strains.