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Covid for Casinos

All US tribal and commercial casino properties were shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic. The map below shows state-mandated restrictions that casino operators must follow to reopen their doors. In some places, local governments may impose additional restrictions. Individual properties might choose to have more strict policies. To get a full understanding of the operating status of each casino property, please contact them.

Key Operating Restrictions - State-by-State

Arkansas: There is no occupancy limit, but the casino capacity should not exceed six feet.

Colorado: Casinos are allowed to operate at full capacity without any restrictions.

Delaware: Casinos are now allowed to operate at maximum capacity, after Delaware abolished social distancing and removed capacity restrictions. This was on May 21st.

Florida: Commercial casino can be operated at full capacity with a limited social distancing protocol.

Illinois: The State of Illinois has moved to Phase 5 of Restore Illinois' framework. On June 11, Illinois casinos were allowed to continue operating at full capacity.

Indiana: Indiana casinos are required to consult their local health department about their safety and health plans. At the moment, there are no limitations on casino capacity.

Iowa: Although casinos are not required by law to use social distancing procedures, they are encouraged to use them if necessary.

Kansas: Casinos can function at maximum capacity.

Louisiana: Casinos may operate without limitations on capacity. However, social distancing (and the mask mandate) remain in place as well as any additional measures required by the State Fire Marshal.